Waste management

PS Seven Sp z o.o. offers business entities the collection and management of non-hazardous waste for the purpose of reclamation of unfavorably transformed areas on conditions consistent with the decision issued by the Lubuski Marshal’s Office.

Decision DŚ.III.7244.2.4.2018, DŚ.III.7244.2.2.2019, DŚ.III.7244.2.1,2019 allows the processing of non-hazardous waste subject to recovery in the process consisting in filling the excavation after the exploitation of the clay deposit located in Gozdnica. Gm. Gozdnica. The total amount of waste to be processed during the validity of the permits will not exceed 5,215,499 MG (tonnes)

Waste collected from the holder will be recovered in recovery processes R3 – recycling or recovery of organic substances that are not used as a solvent (including composting and other biological transformation processes) and R5 – recycling or recovery of other inorganic materials, which will consist in filling the excavation with waste as part of its rehabilitation, in compliance with the conditions specified in the regulation of the Minister of the Environment of May 11, 2015 on the recovery of waste outside installations and devices (Journal of Laws of 2015, item 796)

In the aspect of land reclamation – it is understood as giving or restoring degraded or devastated land to utility or natural values by proper shaping of the terrain, improving physical and chemical properties, regulating water conditions, restoring soil, strengthening slopes and rebuilding or building the necessary roads.