21 years of experience

In waste management is inspired by the thought of Antoine de Saint Exuperi “We do not inherit the land from our parents, we borrow it from our children”

Waste management

PS Seven Sp z o.o. offers business entities the collection and management of non-hazardous waste for the purpose of reclamation of unfavorably transformed areas on conditions consistent with the decision issued by the Lubuski Marshal’s Office.

Decision DŚ.III.7244.2.4.2018, DŚ.III.7244.2.2.2019, DŚ.III.7244.2.1,2019 allows the processing of non-hazardous waste subject to recovery in the process consisting in filling the excavation after the exploitation of the clay deposit located in Gozdnica. Gm. Gozdnica. The total amount of waste to be processed during the validity of the permits will not exceed 5,215,499 MG (tonnes)

We are a flagship company in the region of western Poland!

We provide our Clients with comprehensive services for the business zone in the area of global and corporate leaders in the waste management industry.

We specialize in accepting domestic and foreign waste on the basis of environmental decisions, providing a comprehensive service for the implementation of administrative and legal documentation needed to obtain the necessary notifications, allowing domestic and cross-border shipment of waste by the BDO restrictive transport system.

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PS Seven SP. Z O.O.

We deal with the management of inert waste given as recovery in the process of filling the excavations after exploitation clay of construction ceramics as part of their rehabilitation.

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PS Seven Sp z o.o.

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Bank account number: 58 1050 0086 1000 0090 3183 0277

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ul. Kościuszki
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